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In the 10 years of being in this industry, the Event Master has helped individuals and food entrepreneurs jumpstart their food business into the market. Our vendors range from local food businesses to international brands, and we have seen many successes and failures. As such, the first step to any food business is to test your market.

This year, the Event Master welcomes young entrepreneurs and food brands to join our platform as a starting point to market test. We will only accept vendors in their first year of business. Please fill up the form below and the team will get in touch with you upon receiving your application. Participating brands can come from industries such as food & beverage, fashion, art and design, and handmade craft.

We will be glad to answer any questions upon approval of your vendor application. We will need a detailed description of your brand and what you intend to sell at our fairs. Upon receiving a vendor application, the team will be in touch with each selected vendor via email.

Thank you.


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