White Sands / 29 to 4 April 2017

Midweek food fair at White Sands. Featuring Dr. Vital. Dr. Vital is a brand carrying healthy nutritional products for people of all ages. They carry fruit flavoured oats, milk, chia seeds, Himalayan Pink Salt and sea salt. 

Some benefits I found out about Himalaya Rock Salt. As it is natural, it is a healthier option to processed salt. You can use this in your food, for body scrubs and soak. This pink himalaya salt is one of the purest salt you can find. It helps to improve respiratory problems, balances your body's pH level from its rich mineral content, and it helps to improve digestion. There are many more benefits but these were the key points I took note of from the promoter. 


Other brands at our fair include New Peak, Nescafe, Old 60s, Annabella Patisserie, Frenzies Salted Egg Yolk Snacks, Boss Bake, and Baron Honey.