Bedok Mall 5 - 11 July 2017

Get festive at level one at Bedok Mall with some asian delights! We've got Salted egg cracker from Frenzies, New Peak Taiwan Ice jelly, Rasa Sayang Potong Icecream, Hougang Kueh kueh, nostalgic delights from Old 60s and one of our newest addition, Kreyv. 

Kreyv. #satisfyurkreyvings

Selling crunchy mangga jeruk asam boi, they are savoury and sweet jeruks made out of mangoes, asam boi, limes and chili padi. Kreyv's signature is that they do not use any vinegar or preservative, so it's completely clean and natural! 

An explosion of flavours, you gotta try it for yourself to feel it!