Waterway Point 31 July - 6 Aug

In the month of August, our food hunting adventures continue at Waterway Point. Located right at the atrium, it's easily visible for you to drop by to satisfy your palates. We welcome two new food vendors at our food fair- Bing Gelato and World of Bird Nest Museum. 

1. Bing Gelato

The best time for Gelato is ALWAYS
— Quote by Bing

2. World of Bird Nest Museum

The company aims to introduce the secretive and lesser known nature of swiftlets, which is the bird species responsible for the production of bird’s nest as well as the bird’s nest industry in an engaging, fun-filled and informative manner. 

Other notable food vendors at Waterway Point-

Bakery Cuisine

New Peak

Annabella Patisserie

Boss Bake

Old 60's

Rainbow Lapis

Lastly, stay tune for updates on our ongoing food fairs across shopping malls in Singapore. Happy food hunting!